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CANARI (pronounced like the yellow bird) is a top down, dual stick action "herder" built in the Unity3D engine that thrusts players into darkness on an alien planet overrun with mutated killer insects. Players must harvest energy to upgrade equipment and technology to escape the planet without being destroyed. CANARI's unique game play revolves around harnessing the power of your light source that enemies react to. Focus your light to herd enemies into pits or seal them in containment fields and extract their energy crystals. Some species are important for your survival, while others just want you dead. The challenge, is sorting out the energy rich bugs from the deadly. CANARI features a rich story line that intermixes with procedurally-generated and hand crafted levels. This won't be an easy quest. Players control their ability to respawn based on how much energy they manage to extract and how much they use up. Don't take the time to find those precious crystals, you just might not make it back to your ship.


Since we're a new indie developer, with not a lot of free time on our hands, we wanted to do our first game right. CANARI's development is non-traditional in that we started showing small gameplay demos of what will become CANARI in Aug 2014. By recruiting from our fan base, our goal is start a conversation with our players in what they want to see in the game. They give us feedback, we give them free versions of the game as its iterated. While the pillars of design will remain our decision, the fans of CANARI will help shape it into the game it will become. When our questions are answered and our loyal PixelBots are satisfied, we'll begin production on a retail release aimed at Steam and eventually the PS4 and Vita consoles.


  • Herd and Escape Gameplay
  • Hybrid Hand-Crafted and Procedural Levels
  • Gameplay altering weapons and equipment
  • New Take on Permadeath
  • Custom Level Editor: Players can create their own maps


Early Access Trailer YouTube


download all screenshots & photos as .zip (10MB)


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More Machine Than Human -- Our Creedo. When we are done with a hard 40+ at the office, this band of misfits works into the wee hours of the night; coding, designing, arting? Yes! Arting! For you. We want to give our audience a new game. We want it to be available and accessible to everyone and we want it to be ours, unchanged, organic, no MSG added. Please enjoy.

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CANARI Credits

Craig Stevenson
Designer, PBG Co-Founder

Rob Hafey
Programmer, PBG Co-Founder

Tariq Lateef
3D Artist, Freelancer

Kevin Appel
3D Artist, Freelancer

Nate Ten
Concept Artist, Freelancer

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